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As Pennsylvania's most experienced baseball and softball training facility, we are committed to giving players the best training information available. We are constantly improving our teaching methods and challenging players of all ages to take control of their futures, whether that be playing locally or professionally, high school or collegiately. Our individual baseball training is second to none. We offer pitching instruction and hitting lessons, as well as defensive instruction and academy teams for baseball.

Swing and delivery video analysis is a routine part of our instruction. Video analysis helps us identify the cause of the problem and allows us to show the player what is wrong and how to best correct the issue. This helps get the coach and player get on the same page and is also the quickest way to get a player working on his/her needs.

The quality of instruction will be consistent and tailored to the players' needs with the purpose of developing both mental and physical skills. The process will take place in a professional, competitive and educational environment; however, we always have one coach to one player at a lesson. We believe that each player deserves a coach's undivided attention to help make them be the best player they can be. The challenge for the player is to bring a confident and aggressive attitude along with a solid work ethic.

Create and foster a positive learning environment focused on discipline, preparation, and hard work which will create the complete amateur player mentally, physically and fundamentally.


To remain the premier baseball academy in Pennsylvania which accepts all baseball and softball players regardless of talent level.  We will be devoted to bridging the gap between potential and performance for every player  and must never lose sight that all players within our system are potential high school and collegiate prospects. 

Priorities and Goals

1.To achieve the highest standards in amateur baseball.
2.To develop the complete player- mentally, physically, and fundamentally, one who reaches his full potential and plays to the top of his tools. 
3.To make decisions that will be based on the betterment of individual player using applicable criteria. 
4.To create a positive learning environment and atmosphere that will be disciplined yet fun.
5.To implement and foster my three core principles to a player’s success: Quality Preparation, Sustained Follow Through, and Accurate Self-Evaluation
6.To teach with a plan: Lecture on the skill, Show or walk the player through the skill, Allow the player to do the skill, Encourage the use in games, and Be creative.
7.To teach baseball skills in an organized progression, understanding what needs to be done from level to level to achieve positive results. 
8.To provide individual drills which separate baseballs skills into component parts which will allow the player to make necessary physical adjustments
9.To always teach with attention to simulating game speed and intensity 
10.Be committed to baseball excellence 


LOYALTY: Loyalty to anyone associated with the Carmen Fusco Baseball & Softball Academy will be achieved by the success of the system and not of any individual

PEOPLE: People will make our plan successful. We must treat our colleague and players with respect and dignity they deserve. WE will have no second class citizens

WORK ETHIC: We will out-work every sports organization in any league.

Facility Improvements
We are excited to announce that we have added a new extension of the facility.  The space will create more opportunities to conduct hitting and pitching lessons, allow teams (baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse) to practice, and also entertain birthday parties.
"Thank you Coach for everything with great respect."
ONGOING!  Fall and Winter Instructional League.  Focus on Season Preparation (Fielding, Communicating as a unit, Defensive Positioning, Offensive and Defensive Strategies).  Ages 7-18 years old.  October through February on Sundays. Camps are now being held inside the facility.
SIGNUP NOW!  Summer camp for 2015 signups are now available! The camp will consist of on-field baseball and softball instruction. Summer camp is an exceptional way to improve baseball skill mentally and physically. The camp will contain 25 players per age group, and the age groups are 7-19, 11-12, 13-15, and 16-19 years of age. The camp will be ongoing for five weeks on the weeks of 6/15-6/19, 6/22-6/26, 7/6-7/10, 7/13-7/17, and 7/20-7/24, and all days will take place at Roof Park. The fee for the camp will be $425.